Welcome to Texas A&M University’s Official Aggie Card Application

The Aggie Card is your official ID at Texas A&M University. It shows your status as a member of the Aggie family. It is important for you to keep your Aggie Card on you at all times. It will allow you to access numerous campus services such as your assigned residence hall, the Rec Center, the library, dining halls and so much more!

Please note:

  • Photo Identification verification is mandatory when picking up your new Aggie Card. No Exceptions will be made. Examples of acceptable photo ID documents include: driver's license, passport card/book, previous year's high school ID.
  • All Aggie Cards must be picked up by the card holder.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your photo for your new Aggie Card.

Replacement Aggie Card

If you need a replacement ID, please log in as soon as possible to upload a new photo. Students must first, fill out the  form  and submit it before you will be eligible to receive a new card.

The fee to replace an Aggie Card is $12 for students, except Galveston students, the fee is $8.00.

Student ID Request Form

If you are faculty or staff, your HR Liaison will need to submit a new ID request form. Please see below for more instructions. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an email from our office with instructions to submit a new photo.

New Online Photo Submission


Students must first fill out the form and submit it before you will be eligible to receive a new card. Once the form is submitted, you will have to log in again to upload your photo.

Student ID Request Form

You must agree to the terms below before submitting a photo for review:

“I understand that a New Aggie Card $12.00 ($8.00 for Galveston) fee will be assessed to my student account. I also understand that if my photo is not a good representation of the way I currently look, I will be required to upload a new and correct photo while in the office to have another Aggie Card printed and I will be charged an additional $12.00 ($8.00 for Galveston) for the reprinted Aggie Card.”


You must have your supervisor complete the form below if you need a New Aggie Card. If you are a new hire, HR will complete the form below on your behalf for your New Aggie Card. You will not be able to submit a photo until this has been completed.

Your supervisor or HR Liaison can complete this form.

Staff/Faculty ID Request Form

Once the form has been submitted on your behalf, you will receive an email from our office with instructions on submitting a photo for your new Aggie Card.

When your photo has been reviewed, you will receive an email stating whether it was approved or denied. If it is denied, the email will state the reason why it was denied and you can then submit a new photo, which meets all requirements, at the same web address. If the photo is approved, the email will provide instructions for pick up.

Distance Education Students

Since we are not able to verify your identity in person, you will be issued a Distance Education Aggie ID card. This card does not contain your photo. You are not eligible to submit a photo online. The Distance Education Aggie ID card must be presented with another form of official government issued photo identification whenever used to verify identity. You can request your official Distance Education Aggie ID card by emailing aggiecard@tamu.edu. Your Distance Education Aggie ID Card will be mailed to you at the address you have on file with the university.